Fucking back…

My back has been killing me. I felt a little bit of a “twinge” in it during the last set of box jumps on Saturday and it’s been bad ever since. My pain is caused by the hamstrings getting tight and pulling down on my hips and lower back causing those muscles to freak out. I don’t know why the muscles are so sensitive because I’m fairly flexible in that area.

Day 69 – December 17, 2009
10 x knee push-ups
3 sets
10 x dive bomber knee push-ups
20 x high knees
20 x butt kickers
2 sets
30 x jumping jacks

Really more of a warm up than a work out today. My back felt fine as I warmed up but became painful again as soon as I cooled down. I did knee push-ups because I’ve had a flair up of tennis elbow/golfer elbow and want to take it easy. I think the elbow problems are due to improper power clean technique up in Everett. Fucking CrossFit hurt me! 😉

2 Responses to “Fucking back…”

  1. I Told You So says:

    Remember when I tried to get you to drop down in weight on the power cleans so that you could focus on form? I should have pulled those 35’s off and made you give me 10 burpees for disagreeing! Meathead!!

  2. admin says:

    Focus on form? It was the first time I had ever done them. I didn’t know what the fuck good form was!!!! LOL!

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