This was my first workout in TWO WEEKS. I’ve been very busy working on the new truck and Wade has been MIA on business and family vacation. The motivation to clean up the garage/gym between sessions of auto work is hard to come by so I’ve pretty much just NOT worked out. With Wendy’s new job I need to take the kids in the morning so I’ve switched to evening workouts until we get a little more settled.

Day 56 – October 12, 2009
Warm up with…
15 minute Airdyne interval program @ 8 (107 calories)
10 x lunges
7 x push-up
2 x pull-up
7 x burpee
2 x pull-up
7 x box jumps @ 18″
2 x pull-up
7 x scissor lunges (1 rep each leg)
2 x pull-up
2 set
Cool down with 5 minute Airdyne

I felt pretty good today. A little rusty but not too bad.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Nice work man, way to peel yourself away from your true passion (getting greasy with cars) to mess with your new passion (getting greasy with weights).

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