Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk revolutionized skateboarding. Some people might think this happened when he pulled the first 900 at the X-games but it really happened when he was young and very weak. Young Tony was tall but painfully skinny. He didn’t have the strength to power his airs out of the half-pipe so he learned how to ollie up into them instead. Watch a contest today and you’ll see everybody ollies into their airs now. Tony’s “weakness” turned into the technique that people use to go bigger than ever before.

Day 32 – July 22, 2009
Warm up with…
800m Rugby ball passing/jogging
20 x burpee
(2 sets)
“Tony Hawk’s 720”
20 x ball slam with 20lb dead ball
20 x KB swing with 24kg KB
7 sets (1 minute rest between sets)
13 x goblet squat push press with 24kg KB
Plank until partners presses are done
3 sets
Walk to cool down

This was a HARD FUCKING WORKOUT! The sun was beating down, there were a bunch of visual distractions and my semi-retarded, football coach of a milk stocking neighbor wouldn’t let us run on the football field.

About 1/2 way through.

About 1/2 way through.

NOTE: I think the 24kg KB was a little too heavy for us on this workout. The swings really tired us out and resulted in half-ass ball slams in the later sets and front squat push presses that looked more like plain old push presses… We were really fucking gassed though so mission accomplished if that was the goal. 🙂

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